Saturday, August 6, 2011

Angelina Jolie Journey's to Cambodia

In this commercial Angelina Jolie is expected to discuss how her visit to Cambodia was a life-changing experience, awakening her to the plight of Third World countries. She's the latest celebrity to pose for Louis Vuitton's popular "Core Values" campaign — and surely the only one who brought four children to the photo shoot, some of whom had to be shooed out of Annie Leibovitz's frame.

Core Values celebrates Vuitton's timeless classics in real situations on 'real' people - meaning celebrities rather than models - and runs alongside their seasonal 'fashion' campaigns.

The campaign is expected to run for at least 18 months and will also feature a video interview with Jolie filmed on location later in the month.

I just love it, I don't know if it's acting or real emotions, but she gets to you. What do you guys think?

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