Thursday, December 15, 2011

Leather Spots

rock and roses

                             I found this photo on Silvia's blog. Thank you for a lovely picture!


            This photo is from Ab Fab Magazine FB Page. I was checkin' out some designs, told you I have an obsession with pastels.




This is one of my fav photos, thank you Lighaholic. You can find the post here.

Since a new edition of AbFab Fair is coming this Sunday I thought I'd post the ones from the last fair, where I wore a gorgeous Tess Chiscop Skirt. I also want to thanks Silvia and Raluca from Bucharest Style for the photos. I had a lovely evening my friend, Elena and the fellow bloggers, I discovered some beautiful creations, had some coffee and got a new designer crush, Oana Calin. Can't wait for this Sunday's edition to see what she has new and maybe make some purchases. Are you coming to the fair?
Also, this week-end is full of fashion fairs, like the last one, where I attended JAFF's 4th edition. So, this Saturday don't miss Style Fest - Fashion Elves edition at Planters Lounge&Club (it's on Mendeleev street) and on Sunday, be Absolutely Fabulous!

Have a great thursday!


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