Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diana Bobar for A!urea








( Diana Bobar for Atelier A!urea Dress, Atelier A!urea Vintage Bag, Accessorize Beanie, Atelier A!urea Ring, Accessorize Bracelets, Aldo Boots)

I am so happy and energic all day. Altough I finished with my exams last Friday, I haven't had a minute off and I kind of enjoy it. I mean, it's relaxing to not have to worry about courses and to have all the day for meetings, personal projects and jobs. Last Sunday I attended Absolutely Fabulous Fashion and Vintage Fair, but not as a vizitor, but as a exhibitor. If you've been to AbFab you know what I'm talking about,if not, only a few days and I will reveal the project I've been working at for quite some time now. Yesterday I've received an e-mail for a future collaboration regarding my blog and I'm so happy, but I don't want to tell, not just yet. Things are looking up lately, with so many things to do, March it's gonna be a full month, also my best friend it's coming next Friday in town and I simply can't wait, I wanna take a week off and spend as much time as possible with her. What have you been doing? Are you enjoying the snow or it's quite enough?



Photos by Silvia P.

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