Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look of the day: Fur collar









    (H&M Blouse, Zara Jeans, Accessorize bag, ring and bracelets, Fur Collar, Zara Boots - they belong actuallyto my best friend. Huyen, I promise I'll send them to you soon:*)

   I took these photos on Calea Victoriei Sunday afternoon, with Silvia P. I just love her camera and every week I'm waiting for the week-end so that we can take more photos, so I wanna give a big thanks to Silvia for these photos, the ones from Gold Studs post and the ones that will follow.

   I just love this fur collar and I've wanted for a while to take some photos with it an now I found a proper outfit,which I love, for it. Not many things happening these days, due to the movements that are still taking place at Universitate and also because of the exams, I don't go out too much these days.

   I'm officially during exams period and altough I took only one until now I just can't wait to be over, most of the time i'm day dreaming about the stuff I'll do after the exams are over, I know, I'm a lil' bit crazy, and I whine quite a lot, but that's me. I've made a list of to do stuff after exams:
1. work, work,work (can't wait:d, I know it sounds stupid, but I'm a very active person so staying in and doing nothing doesn't apply to me, it just makes me nervous).
2. get some french lessons
3. get some drawing lessons so I can get into Arts
4. a while ago, I've started a lil' business, and I need to work on the project more, I'll tell you about that later
5. I have some ideas for the blog because I think it's time to organise it a little bit

That's it for now, going back to learning, if you're in the same situation as me, i wish you Good Luck!


  1. Lovely look, the fur collar is perfect!
    I adore the pics!
    Good luck with everything that you want to accomplish :)


  2. <3 the collar!!!! lovely! imi place f mult outfitul :D. Vrei sa dai la arte?:) kisses

  3. Love the whole look! Fantastic jacket and amazing booties. The pictures are amazing too! I like your blog. Would you like to follow each other? I always follow back x


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