Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve Holiday











(Outfit 1: H&M Jeans and sweater, Zara Jacket, Uggs, Accessorize Earmuffs
Outfit 2: H&M blouse, leggings, Atelier A!urea necklace, Asos Headband
Outfit 3: Pimkie Sequin Skirt, Narenj Blouse, Asos Headband, Uggs, Accessorize bracelet)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the late wish, but to be honest with you, I had such an amazing week that I wanted to disconnect from everything, literally, I checked my emails twice in a week. But to back up a little, after a very nice, cozy Christmas spent with my family and my friends, I headed with my boyfriend and a few of my high school colleagues(not the same class) to Brasov, where we partied until yesterday. The trip was amazing and I got to meet new people and also to know better some, hope we'll spend the next New Year together. Lots of fun, laughter, drinkin, Whist, McDonalds, Poiana Brasov, friendship, bbq, snow, Monopoly, happiness, the trip had it all! I know it's gonna be a long list, but I wanna mention everybody here, my friends from the pictures above and thank each one for one of the best holidays ever. So here we go, Alina, Andrei, Cassi, Alin, Vlad a.ka. Barney(we know why), Ana a.ka. the Doctor(my bf knows why), Serban, Mihai, Iulia, Adi, Ioana, Saskia, Dionne and Bogdan and Elena, who unfortunately are not in the pictures. Many hugs guys and for the ones who know, see you at Whist night!

I'll dedicate a post in the next days to some 2011 reviews and 2012 resolutions and also some proper outfit posts, I'm sorry but I really don't have any proper pictures from the holiday. But soon some special shootings, promise!

Happy new year againg and many kisses,



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  2. Beautiful pictures!I bet you had such a wonderful time!


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